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Helping families create magical memories

We have more than 25 years working directly with Disney Vacation Club. An additional 8 years working for the DVC Resales business, as the owners of DVC Sales. The goal of DVC Rental Club DVC Rental Club is to provide the most efficient point rental services offered.

Don’t let your valuable points be wasted! Join DVC Rental Club today! DVC Rental Club to maximize their value, share in the magic, and enjoy the financial rewards. Begin your journey today!

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Enjoy Disney like never before with our unique DVC Point Rental service. Our platform is a simple efficient, secure, and affordable solution. When you choose to rent DVC points, you will be able to get up to 60% off of retail price while also improving the quality of your accommodations. Imagine having all the benefits and amenities at a Disney Vacation Club resort without having to spend a penny!

Our DVC rental procedure is designed to offer the best experience from start to the end. It was founded by a former Disney Vacation Club Cast Member our company is well-versed in the ins and outs that are involved in the DVC renting market. We’ve developed a simple and user-friendly service that connects DVC members with families eager to lease points. As a DVC member, you are able to have extra points listed and secure a rental for your current reservation.

Your dream vacation planning is now easier than ever before. Make use of our limited-time offer with reduced charges for guests or members renting points.

Why families prefer renting with DVC Rental Club

Do you have a vision of a dream family trip at the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort? When compared with booking directly via DVC directly Disney Vacation Club, families like yours could save up to 60% with the DVC Rental Club. Let us explain why choosing to rent from us is the best choice that you can make for a memorable holiday.

Booking your rental with The DVC Rental Club is a easy process. Just use our custom request feature to notify our members of the specific details of your ideal holiday. Whether you envision a magical stay at the legendary Polynesian Resort or a relaxing escape on the Walt Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or any other DVC resort, the decision is yours!

What makes us different? We keep all the funds secure until your check-in date which provides the absolute security in your rental. Plus, once you check in and start making memories with your family The rental funds are released for you as a DVC member. It’s an easy and secure procedure that guarantees each party is protected.

So, why wait? Join the countless families who have discovered the joy of renting with the DVC Rental Club. Get creative, create unforgettable memories and set off on a dream trip without costing you a fortune. Begin planning your dream vacation today let us help assist you in making your Disney dreams come true!

Why DVC members lease with us?

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you’ve already experienced the joy and excitement of unforgettable vacations. There’s a great chance to get the most of DVC point you’re not planning to make use of this year. Perhaps, you’ve points that you’ve accumulated from the previous year. Renting them can be a fantastic way to cover the cost of your dues and have extra to use for your own getaway! Get ready to discover why renting your unused points with us is the most sensible choice.

How do we do it? Simple! You remain in complete control. You can determine the cost and select the dates that are most suitable for you. No more waiting for someone to set the rules. You decide to ensure your efforts are utilized to their maximum potential.

We are committed to matching you with a trustworthy renter as quickly as possible. Our easy DVC rental process guarantees all your DVC points get put to use and converted into income efficiently. Sit back, relax and let us handle finding the perfect renter for you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the top reasons DVC members choose our services:

The flexibility and the control: You control the rental price. You can customize your rental experience based on your personal preferences.

Fast and Dependable Services: Our staff of dedicated employees works tirelessly to find reliable renters swiftly. We appreciate the importance efficiency and aim to surpass your expectations.

Do you want to know about it? To begin the process, all you have to do is sign up for an account with our user-friendly platform. Give us your basic contact information and details of the points you would like to turn into money. Our FAQ page provides complete answers to the most frequently asked questions that members have to ask when they rent their points. In addition, our Contact Us page is only just a click away if need additional assistance.

How the process is used for renters

Making your dream vacation a reality is never been easier. At DVC Rental Club DVC Rental Club, we’ve simplified the renting process to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for you. How do we work:

1. SELECTION THE TYPE OF RESERVATION YOU WANT TO MAKE: Choose from our available options, which include Existing Reservations, where you can purchase a reservation through the member and take advantage of price reductions.

2. SUBMIT YOUR OFFER: If you can find an existing reservation that meets the requirements of your group, then submit your proposal, and the member will reply within 24 hours. Prepare yourself for a quick and effective negotiation process!

3. LET THE MEMBER TO RESPOND: We’ll keep you updated every step of the way when the member replies by making sure you’re aware and are able to make informed choices.

4. VIEW AND SIGN YOUR AGREEMENT: After both parties have reached an agreement on the terms of the agreement, you’ll receive detailed instructions to read and sign electronically your agreement. It’s a simple, secure process that gets an extra step toward a dream holiday.

5. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT: After you’ve signed your agreement electronically You’ll then be taken to the payment page. Select your preferred payment method and make your payment ease. It’s your time to dream about vacation now officially reserved!

6. DISBURSEMENT FUND: On the day of check-in, we manage release of the funds to the renter. It’s a seamless transition that assures that both parties are secure throughout the rental process.

When you join our DVC Rental Club, you can trust that we’re committed to providing a straightforward and straightforward, effective, and fun rental platform. Begin to plan your perfect trip today Let us handle the rest!

The team we work with

Our dedicated team is working hard to find you reliable renters quickly. We at the DVC Rental Club, we take pride in our exceptional team of experts. They are committed to making your vacation dreams come to life. With a wealth of experience and reliability, our team is here to make sure your rental experience will exceed your expectations. If you are planning your Disney vacation, rely on our exceptional crew at DVC Rental Club. Contact us now, either by phone or online, for more information.

Allow our professionals to help you create memorable memories for your family and friends. Get ready to embark on your next Disney holiday while relaxing in the conveniences of home.

Why choose us!

Our platform helps you connect with members who are eager to exchange points with you at a fair price. It’s a win-win situation, as families get to enjoy magical vacations while DVC members can put their points that are not being used to make use of them.

The greatest thing is that you are in charge! We give you more control over your rental cost, resort, and trip dates than most rental companies.

How it works for members

There are three ways you can make your points you don’t use into money

Review and sign your agreement

Rent your current Reservation to a different family. If you have time to cancel without penalty it could be an alternative. On your profile page, select create a new listing, select an existing reservation. Your listing will be added to our Listings page to allow potential renters who will make an offer.

Wait for a renter to make you an offer

We will email when you received an offer. You will have a short amount of time to reply with one of three options:

  • Take the deal.

  • Counter the offer with a different price.

  • Declining The Offer This will stop the procedure.

Review and sign your agreement

If you accept the terms, you’ll receive instructions to review and sign electronically your agreement. The renter must make their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On the day when check-in is completed, we pay the member the money.

Custom request

The most requested option is to claim a Custom request. Visit our Listings page and claim a request by an entire family and then make a reservation for their trip. Make sure if the reservation is more than 7 months away you own the right Home Resort.

Respond to the renter

Contact the renter prior to the allotted time runs out (1 hour). Inform them if you were capable of fulfilling their request, or with what you’re able to reserve and the amount of dollars per point you are willing to pay.

If you are unable to reserve a room or make an appropriate reservation or a suitable reservation, you may communicate this to the renter or let the timer expire to end the claim.

Read and sign your contract

If you decide to accept the terms, you’ll receive instructions to view and sign electronically your agreement. It is important to note that the renter will make their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On the day of check-in we’ll transfer the funds to the member.

Transfer points

One option is to transfer a portion or the entire amount of current use year points to another member.

In your account page, choose make a listing and then transfer points. Enter the number of points you’d like to transfer out. Members who are interested will submit offers.

Respond to your offer

We will send you an email once you have been notified of an offer. You have a choice:

  • I accept this offer.

  • Opt-out of the deal with a different price.

  • Accepting or Rejecting Offers: This is going to stop the process.

Read and sign your contract

If you decide to accept the terms, then you’ll be given instructions on how to read and sign electronically your agreement. The member who is receiving the payment will make their payment to DVC Rental Club.

Transfer of points

Once funds are received the points will be transferred.

Disbursement of funds

On check-in day we will transfer the funds to the member.

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