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Making magical family recollections

With more than 25 years of direct sales experience for the Disney Vacation Club and another 8 years as the proprietors of DVC Sales in the resale sector, we bring unrivaled knowledge to the table. We want to provide you with the greatest point rental services possible at the DVC Rental Club.

Keep your important points from being wasted! By joining the DVC Rental Club, you may increase your worth, share your allure with others, and possibly make money. To unlock a universe of potential, begin your great voyage right immediately!

Richmond is only 727 miles from disney world!

You may experience Disney quite differently with the help of our unique DVC Point Rental service. Our platform offers an affordable, useful, and secure solution. By selecting to rent DVC points, you may upgrade your lodgings and get discounts of up to 60% off the usual rates. Imagine being able to take advantage of all the amenities and advantages of a Disney Vacation Club property without exceeding your budget!

From start to finish, our DVC rental procedure seeks to deliver a wonderful experience. We have great knowledge of the DVC rental industry because our company was founded by a former Disney Vacation Club Cast Member. Family-friendly reasons to use DVC Rental Club for rentals

Take into account a wonderful family getaway at a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) property. Your family may save up to 60% by renting via the DVC Rental Club rather than the Disney Vacation Club directly. We’re here to demonstrate why renting from us is the finest option for a memorable getaway.

With the DVC Rental Club, reservations are quite easy to make. Simply share with our members the specifics of your perfect vacation using our custom request option. You have the freedom to envision a lovely retreat at the famed Polynesian resort, a delightful stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or any other DVC location.

What makes us unique? We safely retain all payments until the day of your check-in, giving your reservation the highest level of security. The rental fees are subsequently provided to the DVC member once you have checked in and have begun creating priceless moments with your family. The security of both parties is ensured by this easy and secure method.

Why then wait? Become one of the several families who have already enjoyed renting with the DVC Rental Club. Without going over your budget, let your creativity run wild while making lifetime memories and going on a spectacular vacation. Start making travel arrangements for your ideal getaway right away, and let us make your Disney fantasies come true!

The benefits of using our rental services for DVC members

You have already experienced the wonder and enchantment of amazing holidays as a member of the Disney Vacation Club. Nevertheless, we are delighted to offer you a fantastic chance to maximize your unused DVC points. Renting your points may be a terrific method to pay your dues and even have extra money for your trip, whether you have points left over from last year or just don’t plan to use them this year.

At our service, we believe it’s critical to provide you with complete control. With us, renting your points is a simple process that lets you choose the vacation dates and pricing that work best for you.

No longer will you have to wait for someone else to make the rules? Together, you and we decide what to do, ensuring that you get the most value out of your points. We strive hard to provide you with the greatest alternative when it comes to renting your unused points.

Our main goal is to quickly match your DVC rental requirements with a reliable tenant. We make sure your points are used wisely through our comprehensive approach, creating money easily. While we work on your behalf to find the appropriate tenant, take time to relax.

We comprehend that before making a choice; you would wish to consult with others. Some of the main explanations, for why a lot of DVC members select our services, are as follows:

1. Flexibility and Control: With us, you are in charge of setting the leasing cost. You can now tailor your rental experience to suit your tastes thanks to this.

2. Prompt and Reliable Service: Our committed team works relentlessly to quickly pair you with dependable renters. To exceed your expectations, we put a high priority on efficiency and work tirelessly.

Looking to find out more? Getting started is simple if you want to learn more. Create a user account on our platform by doing nothing more than that. Tell us your basic contact information and specifics about the points you wish to turn into money. Concerning renting their points, our FAQ page provides thorough responses to the most frequent questions members ask. Our Contact Us page is also accessible if you want any extra assistance. We hope this is useful!

How renters are handled during the rental process

We recognize that turning your ideal getaway become a reality should be a simple and hassle-free process. To make renting easier for you, we at the DVC Rental Club have considered this. Here is a detailed explanation of how it operates:

1. CHOOSE THE KIND OF RESERVATION: To meet your needs, we provide a selection of reservation choices. You can select from our offered choices, such as Existing Reservations, which lets you buy a reservation from a member and possibly get a discount. Planning your ideal holiday is now more flexible and affordable thanks to this. Our team is here to help you choose the best solution for your needs since we want to make sure your holiday experience surpasses your expectations.

2. SUBMIT YOUR OFFER: If you find a current reservation that satisfies your needs, the member will reply to your offer within 24 hours. Get ready for a quick and fruitful bargaining process!

3. AWAIT THE MEMBER’S RESPONDWe will keep you informed at every level when the member responds so that you may stay informed and make educated decisions.

4. VIEW AND SIGN YOUR AGREEMENT: Once the conditions have been agreed upon by both parties, we will provide you with explicit information on how to see and sign your contract electronically. Our procedure is intended to be quick and secure, ensuring a seamless transition to your fantastical holiday. You’ll go one step closer to making your ideal vacation a reality by adhering to these tips. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities during the whole procedure.

5. SEND IN YOUR PAYMENTYou will be sent to the payment page once you have electronically signed the contract. You may easily select your favorite payment option and submit your money on this page.

Our easy-to-use interface makes the payment procedure quick and simple. Your ideal getaway is immediately booked when you complete the payment! We strive to make booking as simple as possible so you may concentrate on the pleasure of your forthcoming holiday.

6. FUND DISBURSEMENT: On the day of check-in, we take care of the member’s money being released. It’s a seamless transition that ensures both parties’ safety throughout the rental process.

The DVC Rental Club is dedicated to giving you a rental experience that is simple, easy-to-understand, efficient, and enjoyable. We’ll provide a hassle-free experience for you from start to finish. We’ll take care of the rest as you start making preparations for your enchanting trip. For you to focus on creating priceless moments, we’re here to make sure that planning your vacation is simple and stress-free.

Our team’s background

The attentive crew at the DVC Rental Club works hard to quickly link you with dependable tenants. Our outstanding team of professionals, who are dedicated to realizing your holiday desires, is something in which we take great pleasure. Our team is here to guarantee that your rental experience surpasses your expectations thanks to their vast experience and steadfast dependability.

Put your faith in the DVC Rental Club’s superb team when it comes to planning your Disney vacation. We are here to give further information and support, whether you want to phone us or get in touch with us online.

Allow our professionals to assist you in making treasured memories with your loved ones. While still making use of the conveniences of home, get ready for your impending Disney vacation. We are committed to making your trip an experience you will never forget since we recognize how important it is to you.

Why select us?

By connecting you with DVC members eager to sell you their points at a reasonable price through our platform, we can help you maximize the value of your membership. Family trips may be amazing while DVC members can redeem their unused points. It’s a win-win situation.

Your complete control is the finest part! By giving you more discretion over the rental price, resort choice, and travel dates than other rental companies, we provide you with more power. Making the most of your holiday is ensured by being able to customize your rental experience to suit your interests.

Using our platform, which has the benefits of flexibility, affordability, and diversity, you may create a holiday experience that suits your requirements and tastes. We want planning your vacation to be as simple and pleasurable as possible.

How members can use it

You have three options to convert your unused points into cash. Here’s how each option works:

Renting out Reservation

If you have a reservation that you can cancel without penalties, you can choose to rent it out to another family. To do this, go to your profile page and create a new listing. Select “Existing Reservation” as the listing type, and your offer will be displayed on our Listings page for potential renters to make an offer.

Wait for offers

You will receive an email notification when you receive an offer. You have a limited time to respond with one of three options:

    • Accept the offer.

    • Counter the offer with a different price.

    • Decline the offer and end the process.

View and sign agreement

If you accept the conditions, you will receive instructions to view and electronically sign the contract. Please note that the renter’s payment will be handled by DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On the check-in day, we will release the funds to you, the member.

Fulfilling Customer request

Another option is to fulfill a customer request for travel arrangements. These requests can be viewed on our Listings page. Ensure you have the proper ownership of the Home Resort if the reservation is more than seven months away. Once you find a suitable request, accept it and proceed to plan the trip for the requesting family.

Address the Renter

Reply to the renter before the specified deadline (1 hour) and inform them if you can fulfill their request and the price per point you are willing to accept. If you cannot make a reservation or offer an acceptable one, you can inform the renter or let the timer run out on the claim.

View and sign agreement

If you agree to the terms, you will receive instructions to view and electronically sign the agreement. Note that the renter will submit their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On the check-in day, we will release the funds to you, the member.

Points transfer

You can conveniently transfer some or all of your current use-year points to another member. Go to your profile page, click on “Create a listing,” and select the option to transfer points. Specify the number of points you are willing to transfer, and interested members can submit their offers.

Respond to offers

You will receive an email notification when you receive an offer. You have the following options:

  • Accept the offer.

  • Counter the offer with a different price.

  • Decline the offer, ending the process.

View and sign agreement

If an agreement is reached on the terms, you will receive instructions to view and electronically sign the agreement. Note that the receiving member will submit their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Transfer of points

Once confirmation of funds received is obtained, the points will be transferred accordingly.

Disbursement of funds

On the day of check-in, we will release the funds to you, the member.

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