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Helping families to creating magical memories

Over 25 years of experience in selling Disney Vacation Club directly. DVC Sales has been in business for 8 more years as the owner of DVC Resales. The DVC Rental Club’s goal is to provide the best possible point rental service.

Do not let your valuable points be wasted! Join the DVC Rental Club and maximize your points’ value, enjoy financial rewards, and share the magic. Start your journey now!

Louisville is only 791 miles away from disney world!

Our exclusive DVC Point Rental Service will allow you to experience Disney in a way that has never been possible before. Our platform provides a cost-effective, simple and secure solution. Renting DVC points can save you up to 60% on retail rates, while improving the quality of your accommodation. Imagine being able to enjoy all the amenities and perks of a Disney Vacation Club Resort without having to break the bank.

We have designed our DVC rental process to give you an outstanding experience. Our company was founded by a former Disney Vacation Club cast member who understands all the ins-and-outs of DVC rentals. Our platform is user-friendly and streamlined, allowing DVC members to connect with families who are eager to rent their points. You can list your extra points or rent out your existing reservation as a DVC member.

It’s never been easier to plan your dream vacation. Enjoy our limited-time special with reduced fees to members and guests renting points.

Why families prefer DVC Rental Club

Imagine a magical vacation for your family at a Disney Vacation Club resort (DVC). DVC Rental Club offers families the opportunity to save up to 60% on renting directly from Disney Vacation Club. We will show you why renting from us are the most cost-effective way to have a memorable trip.

It’s easy to book with DVC Rental Club. Use our Custom Request feature to tell our members the details of your dream vacation. You can choose to stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort or the Polynesian Resort.

What sets us apart? All funds are held securely until the check-in date. This ensures that your reservation is protected to the maximum extent. Once you have checked in with your family and started making memories, the funds will be released to the DVC. The process is seamless and secure, ensuring both parties’ protection.

Why wait? Join the thousands of families who enjoy renting through the DVC Rental Club. You can unleash your imagination, make lifelong memories and embark on an adventure that will leave you with a lasting impression without having to break the bank. Let us help you plan your Disney dream vacation.

Why rent with DVC members?

You’ve experienced the magic of Disney Vacation Club vacations. Here’s a great opportunity to maximize the value of DVC points you don’t plan to use in this year. You may have some points left over from last year. Renting points can help you pay for your membership fees and still have money left over to spend on your vacation. Discover why renting your points is the best option.

How do we do it? Simple! You are in total control. You can set your own price and select the dates of travel that suit you best. You no longer have to wait for someone else’s terms. Your points will be maximized to the fullest extent if you decide what happens.

Our priority is to match you with a trustworthy renter as soon as possible. The DVC rental system is designed to ensure that your points will be used efficiently and converted into revenue. Let us find the right renter for your property while you relax.

Don’t take our word alone. Check out some of the top reasons DVC members use our services.

Flexibility & Control: The rental price is determined by you. You can customize your rental experience to suit your needs.

Fast and Reliable Service: Our team is dedicated to matching you with reliable renters as quickly as possible. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Do you want to know more? All you have to do to begin is create an account using our easy-to-use platform. Please provide us with your basic contact details and the information about the points that you want to convert into an income. The FAQ page provides comprehensive answers to the most common questions members ask when renting points. If you need any further support, please visit our Contact Us page.

What the process works is renters

It’s never been easier to make your dream vacation come true. We’ve simplified the rental process at the DVC Rental Club to make it a hassle-free and smooth experience. How it works is as follows:

1. SELECT THE TYPE OF RESERVATION YOU WANT TO MAKE: You can choose from the available options. Existing Reservations is one of them. This allows you to purchase a booking from another member at a discounted price.

2. SUBMIT AN OFFER: You can submit an offer if you find a reservation that meets your requirements. The member will reply within 24 hours. Prepare yourself for a fast and efficient negotiation!

3. WAIT FOR THE MEMBER TO RESPOND: You’ll be kept informed every step of your response by the member, so you can make an informed decision.

4. VIEW AND SIGN YOUR AGREEMENT: You will receive instructions on how to view your agreement and electronically sign it once both parties agree. This is a quick and easy process that will get you closer to your dream vacation.

5. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT: You will be directed to the payment screen after e-signing. Select your preferred method of payment and pay with ease. Now your dream vacation has been reserved!

6. DISBURSEMENT OF FUNDS: We release the funds on the day of check-in. This seamless transition ensures that both parties are protected during the entire rental process.

You can rely on the DVC Rental Club to provide a rental platform that is simple, straightforward and efficient. Let us take care of the rest as you plan your magical vacation!

Our team

We work tirelessly to find you a reliable renter as quickly as possible. We are proud of our team at the DVC Rental Club. Your vacation dreams will be made true by their dedication. Our team has a wealth experience and is reliable. We are here to make sure your rental experience surpasses your expectations. Trust our team of experts at DVC Rental Club when planning your Disney vacation. For more information, contact us by phone or via our website.

Our professionals can help you create unforgettable memories for your family. Enjoy the comforts of your home while you embark on a Disney vacation.

Why choose us!

Our platform allows you to connect with members willing to share their points at a fair rate. This is a win-win scenario, since families can enjoy magical vacations and DVC members get to put their unused DVC points to good use.

You are in control! You have more control than any other rental agency over rental costs, resorts, and dates of your trip.

How it works for members

Three ways to convert your points into cash

View and sign your agreement

Rent out your existing reservation to another family. This may be an option if you have the time to cancel without penalties. Select Create a New Listing on your profile page. Then select Existing Booking. You will see your listing on our Listings page, where potential renters can make an offer.

Wait for a renter to make you an offer

You will receive an email once you have received the offer. You only have a short time to choose between three possible options.

  • Accept the offer

  • Refute the offer by quoting a different price.

  • Rejecting the Offer This will terminate the process.

View and sign your agreement

If you accept the terms of your agreement, you will be sent instructions on how to view and electronically sign it. The renter is responsible for paying the DVC Rental Club.

The disbursement of funds

We will release funds to members on the day of check-in.

Custom request

The most popular way to book a vacation is by claiming a Custom Request. You can claim a Custom Request made by a Family and book their Vacation. If the reservation is over 7 months out, make sure you have the correct Home Resort.

Renter’s response

Before the time limit (1 hour) expires, respond to the renter. You can let them know if you have been able to fulfill their request or if there is something you could book. Also, you should communicate the dollar amount you will accept per point.
You can let the claim expire if you are unable to provide a reservation.

View and sign your contract

f you accept the terms of your agreement, you will be sent instructions on how to view and electronically sign it. The renter is responsible for paying the DVC Rental Club.

The disbursement of funds

We will release funds to members on the day of check-in.

Transfer points

Transferring some or all your existing use-year points to another member is a simple option.

Select Create a Listing on your profile page. Then select Transfer Points. Fill in the number of points that you’re willing to give away. Members will make offers.

Respond to Your Offer

You will receive an email once you have received a quote. You have two options.

  • Accept this offer

  • Refute the offer by quoting a different amount.

  • Rejecting the Offer: This will terminate the process.

View and sign your agreement

If you accept the terms of your agreement, you will be sent instructions on how to view and electronically sign it. The receiving member is responsible for submitting payment to DVC Rental Club.

Transfer of points

Once funds are received, points will be transferred.

The disbursement of funds

We will release funds on the day of check-in.

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