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Welcome to the DVC Rental Club!

Helping families capture joyful memories

Our vision is to provide best DVC rental services to our customers with DVC Rental Club. Having more than 25 years of experience of selling directly to Disney Vacation Club along with 8+ years as owners of DVC sales in DVC resales business, we are here to assist you.

Use your valuable points by joining DVC Rental Club to boost their value magically and gaining financial freedom. So, what are you waiting for? Join DVC Rental Club now!

Honolulu is only 4783 miles away from disney world!

Enjoy a trip full of wonders of magical Disney, availing secure and cost-effective solution with our DVC Point Rental service. Get ready to take benefit of upgrading the standard of accommodation with up to 60% off the retail rates. Just think of having luxurious experience without spending much.

Our renting process covers you up from start to end by giving you a memorable experience at DVC. Interestingly our founder had been a former DVC Cast Member which makes us stand out of the other companies in context of inner affairs and managements of rental market. Our easy to use and structured online set-up connects families interested in renting directly to DVC members which ensure trustworthiness.

As a member, you may rent a space for your current reservation or have extra points shared.

Have you ever seen such a handy way to plan your vacation? If not, then Hurry up! Don’t miss this limited time offer with reduced fees for members or guests renting points.

Why families prefer renting with DVC Rental Club

Can you imagine a hustle free vacation at DVC resort? Families just like yours who keep everything managed would love to save more than 60% by renting from DVC rental club then directly from Disney Vacation Club. Here I’ll highlight reasons to choose us for your DVC trip.

The DVC Rental Club makes reservations simple. To share details of your ideal trip with our members, just use our unique request function. You have an option between a dream vacation at the famous Polynesian Resort, a pleasant stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or any other DVC resort.

What makes us different? We keep all payments in a secure account until the day of your check-in, giving your reservation the highest level of security. Furthermore, the rental funds are released to the DVC member after you check in and begin creating memories with your family. It’s a simple and safe procedure which guarantees the security of both parties.

So, why wait any further? Come and join the many families who have found happiness by renting with the DVC Rental Club. Let your imagination wander, make unforgettable memories, and go on an amazing adventure without spending too much money. Begin planning your dream vacation today, and we will help make your Disney dreams a reality!

Why DVC members rent with us?

DVC members are already aware of the fact that Disney experiences are full of wonder and joy. Yet if you want to make the most out of your DVC points, rent your unused points with us now! Renting your points is an ideal way to pay for your dues while having extra money for your personal trip!

You might be wondering why you should avail this offer? Let me explain it to you.

How do we do it? Just in an easy to manage and understandable manner. You got the authority to set prices, along with travel dates without waiting for someone to dictate. You make the decisions, so your points are earned to the fullest extent possible.

Our priority is to get a reliable renter and connecting it directly to you quickly. Your points will be effectively used and turned into money with our streamlined DVC rental process. Hence, you need not to worry. Just sit back and relax because we are available to find a perfect renter for you.

But don’t just rely on these factors only. Here are some of the most popular reasons why DVC members choose our services:

Flexibility and Control: You determine the rental price. Enjoy the freedom to modify your rental experience according to your preferences.

Quick and Reliable Service: Our dedicated team works tirelessly to match you with reliable renters timely. We understand the importance of efficiency and strive to exceed your expectations.

Want to learn more? All you have to do to start the process is sign up for an account on our easy to use platform now! Give us your basic contact information as well as information on the points you want to turn into dollars. Our FAQ page provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions members have about renting their points. Moreover, if you need any extra support, just click to access our Contact Us page.

How the process work for DVC Renters

Making your dream vacation a reality has never been easier. At the DVC Rental Club, we’ve simplified the renting process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Here’s how it works:

1. SELECT THE TYPE OF RESERVATION YOU IDEALIZE: Pick up from our available options, including Existing Reservations, where you can purchase a reservation from a member and enjoy huge price reductions.

2. SUBMIT A QUOTE: If you find an existing reservation that meets your standards, submit your offer immediately, and the member will respond within 24 hours. And be ready for a swift and efficient negotiation process!

3. WAIT FOR THE MEMBER TO RESPOND: We’ll keep you updated every step of the way as the member responds, ensuring you stay informed and so you can make informed decisions.

4. VIEW AND SIGN YOUR AGREEMENT: You’ll be provided with comprehensive details on how to examine and digitally sign your agreement after all parties have agreed to the conditions. It’s a simple and secure process that gets you one step closer to your mesmerizing vacation.

5. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT: After e-signing your agreement, you’ll be directed to the payment page. Choose your preferred payment method and submit your payment with ease. Your dream vacation is now officially reserved!

6. DISBURSEMENT FUND: On check-in day, we take care of releasing the funds to the member. It’s a seamless transition that ensures both parties are protected throughout the rental process.

You can rely on the DVC Rental Club to offer a user-friendly, clear-cut, effective, and delightful rental platform. Plan your wonderful getaway now, and we’ll take care of the rest!

About our team

Our dedicated staff works hard to quickly pair you with trusted renters. The DVC Rental Club is pleased of its amazing staff of experts. They are committed to fulfilling your holiday expectations. Our staff is here to make sure your rental experience exceeds your expectations with a wealth of experience and reliability. Trust our outstanding staff at the DVC Rental Club when planning your Disney vacation. All you have to do is call us or reach out to us online right now for further details.

Allow our professionals to assist you in creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Get ready to step in on your next Disney vacation while enjoying the comforts of home. 

Why choose us!

Through our site, you may get in touch with users who are willing to sell you their points at a reasonable price. It’s a win-win situation since families can on wonderful vacations and DVC members can spend their unused points.

The best thing is that you are in charge! We give you more control over the rental cost, resort, and trip dates than other rental agencies.

How it work for members

We have three ways to turn your unused points into dollars!

View and sign your agreement

Rent your Existing Reservation to another family. If you have time to cancel with no penalties, then this is a good option. On your profile page, select create a new listing, select Existing Reservation. Your listing will populate our Listings page for potential renters to make you an offer.

Wait for a renter to make you an offer

We will email when you have received an offer. You have a limited amount of time to respond with one of three options:

  • Accept the offer.

  • Counter the offer with a different price.

  • Declining The Offer This will end the process.

View and sign your agreement

Should you agree on the terms, you will receive instructions to view and e-sign your agreement.Remember, the renter will submit their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On check-in day we will release the funds to the member.

Custom request

One of our most popular option is to claim a Custom Request. Visit our Listings page and claim a request made by a family and book their vacation. Make sure if the reservation is more than 7 months away, you own the correct Home Resort.

Respond to the renter

Respond to the renter before the allotted time expires (1 hour). Don’t forget to communicate if you were able to complete their request, or with what you can book and the dollar amount per point you are willing to accept.
If you were unable to book a reservation or provide a suitable reservations, you can communicate that to the renter or let the timer expire the claim.

View and sign your agreement

Should you agree on the terms, you will receive instructions to view and e-sign your agreement. Note, the renter will submit their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

On check-in day we will release the funds to the member.

Transfer points

An easy option is to transfer some or all of your current use year points to another member.

On your profile page, select create a listing, and click on transfer points. Populate with the number of points you are willing to transfer out. Interested members will submit offers.

Respond to your offer

We will email when you have received an offer. Then you’ll get three different option to respond:

  • Accept the offer.

  • Counter the offer with a different price.

  • Declining The Offer: This will end the process.

View and sign your contract

Should you agree on the terms, you will receive instructions to view and e-sign your agreement. Note, the receiving member will submit their payment to the DVC Rental Club.

Transfer of points

Upon confirmation funds received, points will be transferred.

Disbursement of funds

On check-in day we will release the funds to the member.

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