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Welcome to the DVC Rental Club!

Helping families create magical memories

We have been selling directly for the Disney Vacation Club for more than 25 years. Also, 8 extra years in the of DVC Resales business, as proprietors of DVC Deals. Our objective with the DVC Rental Club is to offer the most ideal point rental administrations that anyone could hope to find.

Keep your valuable points from being wasted! To get the most out of your rentals, share in the magic, and receive financial rewards, join the DVC Rental Club. Begin your journey now!

Durham is only 592 miles from disney world!

Our exclusive DVC Point Rental service lets you experience Disney like never before. A straightforward, safe, and economical solution is provided by our platform. You can save up to 60% off retail rates and improve the quality of your accommodations if you rent DVC points. Imagine enjoying all of the resort’s perks and amenities without spending a fortune!

From start to finish, our DVC rental process is designed to make your experience exceptional. Established by a previous Disney Get-away Club Cast Part, our organization figures out the intricate details of the DVC rental market. Our platform, which connects DVC members with families eager to rent points, is streamlined and simple to use. You can list your additional points as a member and reserve a rental for your current reservation.

There’s never been a simpler time to plan your ideal vacation. Make use of our limited-time offer to rent points for less for members or guests.

Why DVC Rental Club is preferred by families

Do you envision a magical family vacation at a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort? When contrasted with leasing straightforwardly from the Disney Excursion Club, families very much like yours can save as much as 60% with the DVC Rental Club. Allow us to exhibit why deciding to lease from us is the most ideal choice workable for a paramount excursion.

Booking with the DVC Rental Club is a breeze. Simply make use of our custom request feature to communicate with our members the particulars of your ideal vacation. You are free to choose between a magical stay at the renowned Polynesian Resort, a relaxing getaway at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or any other DVC resort!

What makes us unique? We hold all assets safely until your registration date, giving the greatest amount of assurance to your booking. Additionally, the rental funds are distributed to the DVC member once you check in and begin making memories with your family. It is a smooth and secure procedure that ensures the safety of both parties.

So, why delay? With the DVC Rental Club, join the countless families who have discovered the joy of renting. Engage in a magical adventure, let your imagination run wild, and make memories that will last a lifetime without breaking the bank. Begin arranging your fantasy excursion today, and let us make your Disney dreams work out!

Why DVC members rent from Us

As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you are already familiar with the wonder and magic of unforgettable vacations. Be that as it may, here’s a fantastic chance to make the most out of DVC guide you’re not arranging toward utilize this year. Alternately, you might still have points from last year. Renting your points is a great way to pay for your dues and have more money left over for a vacation of your own! Prepare yourself to learn why renting your unused points from us is the best option.

How would we make it happen? Simple! You keep complete command. You have the ability to set the cost and pick the movement dates that turn out best for you. There will be no more waiting for other people to set the terms. You decide what happens, ensuring that you get the most out of your points.

Finding you a dependable tenant as quickly as possible is a priority for us. Our smoothed out DVC rental cycle guarantees that your focuses are put to proficiently utilize and changed over into pay. Relax and let us handle the task of finding you the ideal tenant.

But don’t just rely on what we say. The following are some of the most common explanations for why DVC members select our services:

Control and adaptability: You decide the rental cost. Partake in the opportunity to fit your rental experience as per your inclinations.

Service That Is Reliable and Quick: Our devoted group works resolutely to expeditiously coordinate you with reliable leaseholders. We figure out the significance of effectiveness and endeavor to surpass your assumptions.

Need to find out more? Simply sign up for an account on our user-friendly platform to get started. Give us some fundamental contact data and insights regarding the focuses you wish to change over into pay. The most frequently asked questions that members have about renting their points are addressed in detail on our FAQ page. Additionally, if you require any additional assistance, our Contact Us page is just a click away.

How the renter’s process works

It’s never been easier to make your dream vacation a reality. We at the DVC Rental Club have simplified the renting process to make it as simple as possible for you. This is the closely guarded secret:

1. SELECT THE TYPE OF RESERVATION YOU WANT TO MAKE: Choose from our available options, such as Existing Reservations, where you can purchase a reservation from a member and take advantage of possible price reductions.

2. SUBMIT YOUR OFFER: If you find a reservation that meets your requirements, send your offer to the member, and they will respond within 24 hours. Prepare for a negotiation process that is both quick and effective!

3. WAIT THE MEMBER’S REACTION: We will keep you informed at all times as the member responds, allowing you to remain informed and make informed decisions.

4. VIEW AND SIGN YOUR AGREEMENT: After the terms have been agreed upon by both parties, you will be given clear instructions on how to view and electronically sign your agreement. It is a straightforward and safe procedure that brings you one step closer to your unforgettable vacation.

5. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT: You will be taken to the payment page once you have electronically signed your agreement. Make your payment easily by selecting your preferred method. Your fantasy get-away is currently authoritatively saved!

6. DISTRIBUTION OF FUND: On the day of check-in, we are in charge of disbursing the funds to the member. Both parties are safeguarded throughout the rental process thanks to the smooth transition.

With the DVC Rental Club, you can believe that we’re focused on giving a basic, clear, productive, and pleasant rental stage. Start making plans now for your unforgettable vacation, and let us handle the rest!

About our team

Our dedicated team puts in a lot of effort to quickly match you with dependable renters. We take great pride in our exceptional professional staff at the DVC Rental Club. They are committed to realizing your vacation aspirations. Our team is here to ensure that your rental experience exceeds your expectations with a wealth of experience and dependability. At the DVC Rental Club, you can rely on our exceptional staff when planning your Disney vacation. Get in touch with us today, either by telephone or on the web, for a more data.

Allow our professionals to assist you in creating priceless family recollections. Prepare to enjoy the conveniences of home on your next Disney vacation.

Why select us!

You can connect with members on our platform who are eager to trade points for a fair price. Families get to take magical vacations while DVC members use up their unused points, making it a win-win situation.

The fact that you are in charge is the best part! Compared to other rental companies, we give you more control over the rental price, resort, and trip dates.

How it functions for individual

We have three methods for transforming your unused focuses into cash

View and consent to your arrangement

Lease your Current Reservation to another family. In the event that have opportunity and energy to drop without any punishments, this might be a decent choice. On your profile page, select make another posting, select Existing Reservation. Our Listings page will display your listing so that prospective renters can make an offer.

Wait for a renter to make an offer

When we receive an offer, we will notify you via email. You have a restricted measure of time to answer with one of three choices

  • Take the deal.

  • Counter the proposal with an alternate cost.

  • Rejecting the Offer This will bring an end to the procedure.

View and to your aknowledge

You will be given instructions to view and electronically sign your agreement if you accept the terms. Keep in mind that the renter will pay the DVC Rental Club.

disbursement of funds

The member will receive the funds on check-in day.

Custom offer

Our most famous choice is to guarantee a Custom Solicitation. Go to our Listings page, claim a family’s request, and then book their vacation. If the reservation is more than seven months away, verify that you own the appropriate Home Resort.

Respond the renters

Respond to the renter prior to the expiration of the allotted time. Convey on the off chance that you had the option to finish their solicitation, or with what you can book and the dollar sum per point you will acknowledge.

You have the option of letting the timer run out on the claim or telling the renter that you were unable to make a reservation or provide a suitable reservation.

You will be given instructions to view and electronically sign your agreement if you accept the terms. Keep in mind that the renter will pay the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement Of funds

The member will receive the funds on check-in day.

Move Focuses

A simple choice is to move some or all of your ongoing use year focuses to another part.

On your profile page, select make a posting, select exchange focuses. Populate with the quantity of focuses you will move out. Members who are interested will make offers.

Take action on offer

When we receive an offer, we will notify you via email. Your choices:

Take the deal.

Counter the proposal with an alternate cost.

Turning Down the Offer: The process will end with this.

You will be given instructions to view and electronically sign your agreement if you accept the terms. Keep in mind that the receiving member will pay the DVC Rental Club.

Disbursement of funds

Points will be transferred once funds have been confirmed received. The member will receive the funds on check-in day.

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